Top 3 Reasons to Switch Financial Advisors

After more than a decade in the industry I have put together some of the top reasons you should switch financial advisors, so here we go:

#3: They do not offer any form of financial planning

If your financial advisor is only taking orders or allocating your investments, they aren’t really “advising” you, so why pay?

#2: They do not adhere to a fiduciary standard of care

Advisors that adhere to a fiduciary standard typically charge in 3 ways: hourly, fixed rate, or as a % of your assets under management. These costs are communicated to you as well as the services they are providing!

#1: They are nearing their own retirement without a clear successor

There are currently not enough up & coming advisors to replace the retiring advisors, opening up the door for uncertainty. Your advisor should have a clear successor in the event they retire or are unable to fulfill their duties.

Published by Adam Cross

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