About & FAQ’s

What is your relationship with Charles Schwab?

Your advisor directly oversees services your portfolio, but we must use a 3rd party custodian for quality assurance and safekeeping in order to fulfill our fiduciary obligation as a registered investment adviser. We are considering expanding our custodial relationships to other firms, but currently default to Charles Schwab due to their ease of use. You can login to your account to initiate basic service requests by visiting schwab.com or by following the login link integrated on our website.

What type of service should I expect when working with a financial advisor?

One thing we can promise, is that we will do our absolute best to proactively communicate with you as often as you prefer. You can always login to your account or call your advisor or their support team during market hours for questions, trade inquiries, or general service items. We understand everyone is different, so just let your advisor know if you prefer phone calls, e-mail updates, or in-person/video conference meetings.

Please note: to protect our customers from potential cyber crimes, we will not accept any account specific requests sent exclusively via text or e-mail. If we receive instructions this way, we will call to confirm. If you prefer digital communication, you can always login to your account to initiate general service items (change of address, money movement, etc).

Can you tell us more about your financial planning services?

Money Guide is our preferred financial planning software provider. Your financial advisor uses this technology to prepare easy to understand, streamlined financial plans for their clients.

How will my money be managed with AMC?

Sticking with your objectives and long term goals can be more valuable than chasing short-term performance, but we also understand that we must be acting in our clients best interest at all times. With that said, every client situation is different, and we use a top down approach where most investment strategies and vehicles can be accommodated (i.e. CD’s, treasuries, stocks, bonds, options, swap funds, mutual funds, ETF’s, etc).

Is my money safe?

Investing involves risks, but not investing over a long time horizon can be as risky when inflation is considered. As mentioned in the above section, diversification and your risk profile are very important to us, so we want to make sure you are comfortable before proceeding with any investment strategy. If insurance is important to you, we can accommodate FDIC insured certificates of deposit for a portion of your portfolio. However, when considering the overall performance of your portfolio, we cannot guarantee investment returns.