Debt & Saving:

With the exception of 401k plan matches, we almost always suggest paying off credit cards and other non-mortgage debt prior to investing along with having 3-6 months of emergency expenses saved.

Conservative Investors:

We would start with a fixed income portfolio consisting of cash, money market, treasury & cd’s. Then, depending on your comfort level & plan, add in intermediate term bonds & blue chip equities.

Moderate Investors:

We would start with an age & net worth appropriate blend of US Stocks & Bonds, like the S&P 500 & US Agg. Bond Indexes. Then, tilt your portfolio more aggressive or conservative depending on your plan & preferences

Aggressive Investors:

We would start by determining how much equity is appropriate, then core your portfolio with the S&P 500 index. Then, depending on your plan & preferences, tilt the portfolio toward sector rotational strategies & tech.