Financial Planning Questionnaire

Ex. Retire at 65, spending 50k per year (todays dollars)
Ex. Pay for college tuition for 3 children (Jack 4, Sarah 7, John 10)
Ex. 200k Vacation property sometime in retirement
Ex. Pension income at 2k/month; Rental Property Income at 3k/month
Ex. Joint Account worth 100k (60% stocks, 40% bonds); 401k for John worth 200k (70% stocks, 30% bonds 50% employer match up to 6% contribution); 403b for Jane worth 150k (50% stocks, 50% bonds 100% match up to 5% contribution); 20k in a joint savings account
Ex. Primary Residence worth 500k (200k outstanding mortgage balance); 5k Credit Card Debt; Vehicles worth 20k (paid off)
Insurance, Tax Situation, Legacy Concerns; etc