New Financial Advisors

We believe in doing things the right way, for both our clients and advisors. Below are things to consider before joining our team and an overview of your experience and benefits as a new financial advisor with us.

What kind of advisor do you want to be?

As a new financial advisor, it is important that you know the difference between brokers, insurance agents, and registered investment advisers. Most importantly is how each are compensated, which is a driving force in behavior. We are a registered investment adviser, meaning that we are required to act in our clients best interest both now, and in the future by adhering to the fiduciary standard. By doing business this way, it makes it easier for us to build trust and awareness, and means that we have long-term paying customers, incentivizing us to continuously serve, adapt, and add value.

Registered Investment Advisers provide ongoing service through financial planning and portfolio management for an ongoing fee, incentivizing us to serve, adapt, and continuously add value to the customer. (Series 65, CFP, or CFA)

By comparison, insurance agents/brokers sell products on a transactional basis for an 1 time and/or hidden commission, sometimes with misleading and aggressive sales tactics, which leads to little or no incentive to have an ongoing relationship with the customer after the transaction is complete.


First and foremost, we utilize Charles Schwab for custody, safekeeping, clearing, and quality assurance. Second, you will be a part of our team. If something ever happens to you, the team will take over. If clients are ever unhappy with you or the team, they can remove us as their fee-only advisor by contacting Charles Schwab, or simply by moving their account to another institution.


The team is led by seasoned financial advisor, Adam Cross, who will be available both now and in the foreseeable to help train you on financial planning, portfolio services, client onboarding, or to jump on a 3 way call with a customer. We also do weekly meetings with all of our advisors to have an open dialogue about best practices, areas of improvement, or whatever other topic we want to talk about! Our custodian, Charles Schwab, also has a support line with regard to paperwork, system guidance, etc.

Our Values

Many financial advisors plan on retiring in the coming years without a written succession plan and older generations are expected to leave trillions to their heirs in the year thereafter. This creates a problem for both older families AND the traditional firms who are not adapting to the times. Thus, creating an enormous opportunity for new financial advisors.

All we must do is provide quality financial advice as a registered investment adviser, and be inclusive to clients of all ages. Usually once we educate clients about the benefits of working with a fee-only advisor that adheres to the fiduciary standard, our custodial relationship with Charles Schwab, and Adam’s leadership of the team, we can usually win the business.

The Problems for New Financial Advisors & Our Solution

Problem #1: The commission model

Based on our research and first hand experience, new financial advisors are often tempted to work for a major institution, only to be trained to sell products sponsored by the institution on an up front/hidden commission basis. This is great for the institution, as you have people selling your product, but for the advisor, it is simply not sustainable.

The Result: Financial advisors in this model have a high turnover rate, as the model is more beneficial for the firm, not the advisor.

Problem #2: The time and patience it takes to be successful as a fee-only advisor

Most fee-only financial advisors do not receive compensation up front. Instead, their compensation is based on recurring fees (billed in arrears) based on their Assets Under Management (AUM). This means that it will take time, sometimes years, to achieve success.

The Good News: This model has a high client retention rate, meaning that it is more sustainable for advisors who have a long term vision.

Our Solution:

Give the advisor training, support, and the benefits of independence, while allowing outside business activities (so long as they do not create a conflict of interest) to supplement any lost income in the early stages.

Compensation Schedule & Benefits

Your compensation with us will range from 50%-90%, of your production, contingent on your Assets Under Management (AUM) and how much support & training you will need. In direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic and through our tech friendly, custodial relationship with Charles Schwab, we also allow all of our advisors to work remotely. You will also own your book of business in the event you want to leave, move, or merge.

Other Business Relationships

MoneyGuide is our preferred financial planning software provider, and we utilize a small compliance company for registrations and consulting. As mentioned earlier, we use Charles Schwab for custody, safekeeping, and clearing.


Step One: Talk with Adam before making a decision. If you haven’t already, send your resume to

Step Two: Once licensing is obtained, and Adam feels like you are a good fit for the firm, the registration process will begin. We will provide you with ad-hoc training and allow you to participate in our weekly meetings. When registration is getting close to completion, we will set up your accesses, create business cards, etc. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some Secretary of State offices are short on resources, which can result in delays (1-4 months).

Step Three: Once registration is complete, you will officially be a part of our team.